R E M - Architecture

REM Architecture’s Principal Architect, Rico Ramos, has received progressive experience from a mid-sized downtown firm that specialized in high-end residential projects, loft conversions, mixed-use, and commercial projects since 1993. He also received experience from an industry leading design-build company that specialized in single-family homes, additions, and home remodeling projects. Having been exposed to both ends of the design spectrum, his expertise has broadened alongside management processes of design and construction.

Established in April of 2005, REM Architecture, (derived from the names of its founder’s three children—Rupie, Ella, and Mari), has been involved in various projects in the field of residential, commercial, educational, industrial and retail architecture. The design process advocated by REM Architecture is characterized by extensive involvement and constant client contact, partnered with a firm understanding of the construction and monetary aspects of our trade.  This philosophy, alongside the firm’s dedication to its craft and tenacity to achieve the highest quality in its designs, has brought REM a number of repeat clients, as well as a steady stream of referrals. REM Architecture is committed to its projects’ design excellence and quality, community acceptance, and financial success.  The firm considers each venture a unique connection in time from what has existed in the past to what will come in the future.

Making the design and construction experience all about their client, is the foundation of REM Architecture. REM takes passion in every project it undertakes, and it gives hands-on involvement in every step of the design process. Each project, be it large or small, gets the same degree of commitment and attention to detail. REM Architecture believes each design is an opportunity to apply fresh thinking that achieves excellence and enriches the human experience.